Pure Speculation

An occasional jam session between friends is growing into an organized event for music lovers and families. Four years ago, some friends and neighbors started meeting at the Duncan Park stage to play music. It was an opportunity to express themselves while playing for their families in a non-threatening environment. “It was kind of selfish at first,” said Pepper Graham, a member of the band Pure Speculation who started playing with friends in Duncan Park in 2006. “It was our band playing for our friends and families, and now it’s turning into a networking event for musicians.” It’s not  only for musicians and their friends anymore. It’s turned into a community event that invites families to come out, spread their blankets or set up lawn chairs and enjoy the atmosphere. Graham describes Pure Speculation’s music as inspirational rock, and said some of the other bands playing this weekend could be considered blues, funk, country and a cross between country and rock.

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